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About Us

equivant Court delivers innovative solutions to simplify justice, boost efficiency, streamline processes, and improve communication in courts and justice agencies. Over a span of four decades, equivant Court’s deep domain knowledge and modern technologies developed by expert practitioners have supported more than 350+ justice agency customers internationally in serving their communities efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

Courtroom Gavel and Justice Scales
Call Center Help Technician

Our Parent company, Constellation Software, has a history of shareholder wealth creation since going public in 2006. Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI) is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange with an average growth of 38% year-over-year, over $5 billion in gross revenue, and over $310 million in net income.

CSI has six major portfolios, its oldest being Volaris, in which the equivant portfolio resides. CSI holds each of its businesses forever. For investors, that means great returns. For employees, that means security along with earning and growth potential. For clients, that means the ongoing resources and support needed to ensure success.