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Solutions: Computerized Criminal History (CCH)

equivant Court’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH) and Offender Registry Solution provides a secure, central location for storing and viewing criminal history. Access the solution on its own or connect it with the offender registry your state mandates.

Who it impacts

  • Department of Public Safety

Connect with us about ensuring comprehensive and secure criminal records.

What it does

The CCH Solution:

  • Provides secure access to partners and public or private organizations
  • Integrates with AFIS systems and/or public safety switches
  • Provides a highly-reliable system requiring zero oversight for day-to-day processing
  • Reliably transforms messages to and from partner formats
Comunterized Criminal History
Integrated AFIS systems

How it helps

Maintaining accurate, comprehensive, and secure criminal history records is a necessity for any justice system. Our standards-compliant CCH solution makes this possible while increasing court efficiency and helping ensure public safety.