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Solutions: ShowCase

ShowCase is the premier case management system specifically configured for Florida laws, rules, policies, procedures, reporting, and agency exchanges. Increase accuracy, keep your staff working at peak efficiency, and move seamlessly through case management tasks with this cutting-edge technology.

Who it impacts

  • Court Administrators
  • Clerks of Court
  • Judges
  • Judicial Officers

Are you a Florida Court looking to improve the efficiency of your court proceedings? Contact us.

What it does

ShowCase allows Florida court officials to:

  • Automate all case processes
  • Capture real-time courtroom activity
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing documents
  • Keep cases on track and on time

ShowCase’s SmartDocketing and InCourt Processing features are second-to-none and allow for unlimited configuration and automation of hundreds of distinct business processes.

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Clerk and Court Operations

How it helps

ShowCase is configured for Florida laws, rules, and policies while adapting to work with your court’s needs. The result is improved efficiency throughout all court proceedings.