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Solutions: JWorks

Easily manage cases and workflows with JWorks for Courts—a powerful enterprise case management system built for the modern court. JWorks’ cutting-edge technology smoothly adapts to your processes, preferences, and local rules, and helps you stay connected through national data-sharing and seamless component integration.

Who it impacts

  • Court Administrators
  • Clerks of Court
  • Judges
  • Judicial Officers
  • Prosecutors

If you’re ready to simplify your processes and increase the efficiency of your court proceedings, contact us.

What it does

JWorks for Courts allows court officials to:

  • Create tailored screens, fields, and flows
  • Quickly digest information with summary snapshots of individuals, claims and charges, events, and obligations
  • Seamlessly integrate decision support and compliance tools
  • Easily manage multiple calendars and track events
  • Instantly find information with a flexible search function that can span cases, participants, calendars, and documents
JWorks Graphic
Clerk and Court Operations

How it helps

The JWorks CMS is a modern, highly-configurable solution that automates all clerk and court operations without hardcoded features that obstruct business processes.

JWorks is tailored to your court’s unique workflow and processes—it doesn’t force you to change your processes to match the software. You’ll be able to automatically set tasks, events, and reminders while designing screens and logic that work for your unique workflow.