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Welcome to Scaling Justice, a podcast that examines the justice system and how we can better understand the issues that impact our courts, practitioners, technologists, and community members.

Join Scaling Justice host, Brendan Hughes, Director of Marketing at equivant, as he interviews industry experts and explores how technology can intersect with justice to create court solutions that improve outcomes for all involved.

Keys to Successful Court CMS Implementations: Expert Advice from Over 100 Successful Implementations

In this episode, equivant Director of JWorks Technical Operations Jason Emineth, shares how to successfully roll out your new CMS. Hear the important things courts can do to prepare for a new CMS, how to address the amount of time and resources needed, what makes some projects go smoothly, and others fail, and the key questions to ask when selecting a vendor.

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A2J: Tipping the Scale Toward Accessibility

Join host Sue Humphreys as she digs into court accessibility with special guest Renee Danser, Associate Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships at the Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School.

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