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Solutions: Jury Process Manager

Jury Process Manager (JPM) is a web-based solution that provides robust functionality in a hosted solution for courts and clerks.

Who it impacts

  • Court Administrators
  • Jury Commissioners

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What it does

With JPM you can:

  • Customize codes to meet your needs
  • Update and create questionnaires using templates and have them filled out online
  • Send juror notifications via email or text
  • Allow self-check-in from the portal in the courthouse
  • Create and configure payment with tiered pricing for one or multiple jurors
  • Manage available jurors during voir dire with the seating chart
Scales of Justice and Gavel
Lawyer Speaking to a Jury

How it helps

With Jury Process Manager, keeping your jury organized and informed has never been simpler. The annual randomized juror draw based on user-entered requirements makes assembling your jury a stress-free process.