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Solutions: Online Dispute Resolution

Support access to justice and close cases faster with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), powered by RDO.

Who it impacts

  • Constituents
  • Clerks of Court
  • Court Administrators

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What it does

Online Dispute Resolution:

  • Allows constituents to resolve family cases, small claims, and traffic/criminal cases online from anywhere
  • Integrates seamlessly with your equivant Court CMS
  • Supports access to justice and equity for all citizens
  • Improves court efficiency and reduces staff time spent on routine hearings
Online Dispute Resolution
Interacting with the Court System Virtually

How it helps

It’s no secret that backlogs, long lead times in case resolution, and court costs are barriers that courts AND constituents face. Physical court appearances take a lot of coordination and sometimes result in failures to appear. ODR tools allow constituents to interact with the court system virtually—saving time and money for all involved.