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Case Management for Courts

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How To Choose the Right CMS

How do you choose the right CMS for your court? In this post we explore how to prepare for your CMS search, what questions you should ask vendors, and how to determine what solution is the right fit for your court.  

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Preparing Your Court for a CMS Migration

For many court systems, a case management system (CMS) is a critical part of keeping cases and processes moving efficiently. But as technology evolves, so do the needs of courts, which means upgrading to a new system is sometimes necessary. When an upgrade or move from a legacy CMS to a new CMS happens, migration, or data conversion must happen. You can avoid some major headaches and set your court up for a successful migration by taking some time to prepare and plan before migration begins.  

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Staffing Problems? Let Your CMS Do the Heavy Lifting

Staffing challenges, limited budgets, and resources have been an increasing trend in courts. These challenges can be addressed by properly leveraging your CMS and incorporating effective onboarding and training for staff and new hires. Learn more.

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Measuring Justice to Drive Positive Change

Understanding challenges in the justice system is difficult when there is a lack of data and/or data transparency. While there have been significant improvements in the data that’s been collected by justice agencies over the last several years, there is still plenty of work to be done. We sat down with Amy Bach, founder of Measures for Justice, to discuss how data is being collected, the improvements that have been made, and what your agency can do to drive positive change by measuring justice.

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Improve Data Integrity through National Standards

The National Center for State Courts’ National Open Data Standards initiative can help set national data standards by creating rules around how data are defined and recorded. Anyone adopting the national standards would share a set of common definitions and technical standards around data collection and sharing.

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Could Your Court Go Entirely Virtual?

For many, virtual court has become synonymous with remote hearings, but from where we’re sitting, virtual court is so much more. Learn what courts are doing to go fully online and increase access for their communities.

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Are You Ready for a Clean Slate?

Clean Slate laws have been a literal lifesaver for many people with a criminal record. Several states have already adopted Clean Slate laws, and more are on the way. What is your state doing, and are you going to be ready?

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All Workflows Are Not Created Equal

It’s not enough to simply have workflow functionality; your team needs a robust tool that’s specifically designed to move cases through their caseflow efficiently. How can you tell the difference?

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