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Staffing Problems? Let Your CMS Do the Heavy Lifting

Staffing challenges, limited budgets, and resources have been an increasing trend in courts. These challenges can be addressed by properly leveraging your CMS and incorporating effective onboarding and training for staff and new hires. Learn more.

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Measuring Justice to Drive Positive Change

Understanding challenges in the justice system is difficult when there is a lack of data and/or data transparency. While there have been significant improvements in the data that’s been collected by justice agencies over the last several years, there is still plenty of work to be done. We sat down with Amy Bach, founder of Measures for Justice, to discuss how data is being collected, the improvements that have been made, and what your agency can do to drive positive change by measuring justice.

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3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions for Courts

Over the last several years, we’ve started seeing a shift from server-based to cloud-based technology. Are you considering moving to a cloud-based solution? Explore what you need to know before taking the first step.

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Improving Virtual Technology for Courts

By embracing new technology, our justice system continues to positively impact the lives of millions of people that interact with our courts across the country. But as with any systematic change, embracing new technology comes with its own set of challenges, some predictable, others unforeseen.

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