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The Importance of Data-Driven Government: Lessons in Data Quality, Transparency, and Integrity

It’s no secret that data plays an important role in the justice industry. If data is accurate and used effectively, it has the potential to tell a story and help inform strategic decisions. Without accuracy and transparency, though, data is essentially meaningless. This post explores the importance of quality data and how to support an organizational culture that understands and interprets data effectively.  

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AI in the Justice Industry: What Courts Need to Know and What’s Coming

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, it made a big splash in 2023. There are many components of AI, and the implications for the legal industry are huge. As AI continues to evolve, we expect to see more courts exploring what AI means for them specifically and determining the measurable gains of its use. In addition, we expect courts to explore some of the hot topics related to court privacy, cyber security, and deep fakes as they pertain to AI.  

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Go with the Flow… Caseflow vs. Workflow

When the case is flowing, the work is flowing… or is it? We hear caseflow and workflow used interchangeably in many courts, and the truth is, they’re distinct functions that both need to be moving along smoothly to serve your community.

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How are YOU moving forward?

As we think about moving forward, where we go from here, it’s easy to focus on those processes. Courts shifting services online has been an incredible leap forward in access to justice. Online dispute resolution is breaking down barriers. Available court technology is better than ever.

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Case Formulation: The Key to Evaluating Your EBP

Try taking a step back and evaluating your EBP using the case formulation framework. Case formulation is bigger than case management – it’s about the way your agency and your partner agencies are navigating through a case, not just the way you’re managing it. And it might be the key to ensuring your EBP is working the way it should.

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It’s the Little Things

“It’s the best thing since sliced bread” is an expression for a reason. Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. Thanks to technology, our days are filled with quick time-savers that we might not even notice anymore.

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What are you DOING with all that data?

Simply having the data and being able to use the data effectively are two very different things. Here are the top 5 ways your case management tool can help you make sense of it all and easily move you from data to decisions.

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ICYMI: Your court date is 2mrw!

Courts that implement a reminder system are seeing higher appearance rates, more timely payments, improved caseflow, and better relationships with the communities they serve.

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