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ShowCase In-Court Processing

Instantly see a summary of all actions taken on cases and generate all appropriate documents, including capturing signatures from all parties, which significantly reduces the turnaround time.

Client Testimonial

“In-court processing has revolutionized the way business is conducted in the courtroom. By implementing this cutting-edge technology, we have increased efficiencies and the public gets the most up-to-date court information faster since the records are updated in real-time.” 

Louis Tomeo, Director of Criminal Courts Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County

Keep Pace with Courtroom Activity

  • Produce all required documents before anyone leaves the courtroom
  • Automate hundreds of distinct business processes
  • Reduce the turnaround time to update the system

Staying in step with your judges in the courtroom is one of the most important and challenging duties for courtroom clerks everywhere. It’s essential for ensuring that case decisions and outcomes are properly recorded and can be quickly acted on – by whichever participants and whatever deadlines are ordered. A well-orchestrated courtroom means that justice can keep flowing with no delay and with fewer resources since back-office processing is virtually eliminated.

ShowCase Multi-Case In-Court Processing (ICP) fully automates the processing of cases in the courtroom, allowing case processing and system updates to be completed while related parties are gathered in one place. ICP allows staff to record every action taken and generate all appropriate documents, including capturing signatures from all parties, which significantly reduces the turnaround time.

With ShowCase In-Court Processing, you can quickly:

  • Enter pleas, prosecutor actions, and court actions
  • Assess fees by case and by statute
  • Process accounting for statutory and minimum/ mandatory fines
  • Set court dates using configurable calendar rules
  • Issue warrants and set bonds
  • Capture trial notes with time stamps
  • Produce all necessary documents in court

More from ShowCase

ShowCase Case Management

From initial filing through final resolution, our ShowCase Case Management System informs, notifies, and routes information as needed based on the rules of your court. With efficient intake, smart docketing, flexible calendaring, quick imaging, complete financials, automatic indexing, and extensive search capabilities, ShowCase keeps your cases moving and your staff working at peak efficiency.

ShowCase Smart Docketing

Smart Docketing is the key that unlocks unlimited configuration options for automating your business processes and workflow. Rather than treating the docket as a simple, textual register of actions, Smart Docketing triggers entire processes, whether straightforward or complex, through entries on the case docket.

Your Court – Your Rules

ShowCase In-Court Processing has an intuitive, easy-to-use design that allows staff to keep pace with their judges and other courtroom activity.

  • All actions captured by the clerk are displayed in the “In-Court Recap,” printed on the court event form, and automatically docketed to the cases
  • Update case and charges in real-time
  • Information is immediately available online
  • A court event form and pay sheet can be given to defendants before they leave the courtroom
  • Bond discharge and forfeiture notices are generated, printed, or emailed to the bond agents
  • All documents are electronically signed and stored on the case