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How Are Your Judicial Officers Managing Their Cases?


Picture this: One of your busiest judicial officers uses their phone to check in on their caseload for the day while they eat breakfast. They pull out their tablet on the train to complete some paperwork. Once they get in chambers, they use their laptop to pick up where they left off. A real-time case change happens while they’re walking to the courtroom, and they catch it on their phone. Then, they pull out their tablet to have everything pulled up for their first case of the day.

Sounds dreamy. It’s also very real. Your judicial officers have unique case needs and demands on their time, and they need a flexible, configurable tool that is specifically tailored to their job. That’s Judicial Tools.

Personalize case- and workflows:

  • Establish judicial caseflow guidelines and track progress
  • Assign participants one or more roles and to one or more teams
  • Assign one or more teams to scheduled work
  • Prioritize, route, escalate, reassign, reschedule, and complete work

Measure/manage progress:

  • Set preferences by case type, court, and location
  • Personalize dashboards by role and individual
  • Monitor workload by team, role, and individual
  • Define automatic processes, alerts, notifications, cues, and prompts
  • Link statistics and performance metrics to courts and cases

Facilitate decision-making:

  • Personalize views, defaults, filters, and queries
  • Link to external systems, tools, and information
  • Quickly update notes, media, calendars, and outcomes
  • Delegate authority to one or more users

With Judicial Tools, even your most technology-resistant judicial officer can do all of this and more without the help of a skilled technician. Judicial officers stay organized and informed in a straightforward, insightful, and expeditious manner.

Want to find out more? Contact us today for a free demo. We can work with you to determine your specific needs and whether Judicial Tools is the right solution for you. Let’s get started.