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Hey Michigan, Implementation Just Got Easier


… And that’s just the beginning. One of equivant’s latest innovations is state-level collaboration, where we’ve developed a baseline court case management solution that’s already customized to your state’s specific regulations, processes, practices, and needs.

JWorks for Michigan is a revolutionary case management solution that was thoughtfully designed to meet and exceed Michigan courts’ needs. Case codes, statutes, workflows, and more are already fully integrated, which greatly reduces the timeline for configuration and implementation.

The bottom line: You can go live faster with less of a lift from your team.

The new JWorks for Michigan solution:

  • Allows your team to focus on areas that are specific to your jurisdiction during implementation.
  • Provides templates for everything from screen layouts to workflow pathways and triggers that are specific to your state’s needs.
  • Integrates with the Michigan Judicial Data Warehouse (MIJDW) to allow information to flow directly from JWorks to the data warehouse.
  • Is already configured for Supreme Court Administrative Office (SCAO) reporting to generate the Michigan-specific reports required by the state.
  • *In progress* Will include Clean Slate enhancements specific to Michigan’s laws. equivant is collaborating with current customers to design the right solution for Michigan.
  • Is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that has the flexibility to evolve as business processes, laws, orders, etc. change.

Does “baseline” mean it’s cookie-cutter? No, that’s not our style. JWorks for Michigan is still fully configurable to your unique needs; we’ve just done a lot of the base work for you.

equivant is fully committed to our relationship with Michigan courts, and we’re thrilled to have designed a comprehensive case management solution just for you. Not only is implementation easier, but you’ll find as you use the JWorks solution, there are a multitude of places where Michigan-specific details make your life easier.

Are you ready to see a free demo of JWorks for Michigan? Let’s set up a time to discuss. We’re here to help.