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Revolutionize Data Access with Secure, Configurable Portals


A community member needs to make a payment. An attorney needs to access case details. A probation officer needs to zero in on specific data points.

All three of these individuals—and all other individuals who interact with cases in your court every day—have very specific access needs. Not only are there pieces of information that they should and should not be able to see, but the way the data is arranged and viewed matters as well.

Enter equivant’s eServices Suite, the only public-facing tool that gives you the freedom and flexibility to design eAccess portals for everyone who interacts with your court cases. Secure, authenticated access portals give each court-involved person and practitioner access to exactly what they need, in the way they need to see it.

Here’s how to get started configuring your portals:

  1. Consider your users. Who consumes your data? What are their roles? What data do they typically need? What other needs might they have that aren’t currently being addressed or are being addressed with manual processes?
  2. Group users into categories. For example, you’ll likely have case parties, attorneys, supervision professionals, other court partners, and more. Think of how you can logically group your user types so you can get each one the information they need.
  3. Make security decisions. Based on the information each group will be accessing, what security concerns are there? Do they need registration or authentication in order to access this information? Are there certain data points like Social Security numbers that should be masked or completely hidden?
  4. Configure your portals. Keep the needs of each group in mind. Consider things like which case types should be supported, what search rules/requirements there are, whether they need document viewing capabilities, whether they’ll need eFiling or ePayments, what fields and views they will need, etc.
  5. Consider your access points. How will each user group enter the system? Will they need mobile access? Will they have ready access to a device and an internet connection, or are there public kiosks or other access points needed?

You decide who sees what. You decide the level of authentication needed. You decide what actions users can take with the data available. It’s fully configurable, completely flexible, and easy to update as your needs change.

Learn more about the most robust eAccess portals on the market today. Contact us for a free demo.