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Case Management Built Specifically for Judges

Buy -vs- Build: Striking a Balance

Judicial Tools   •   An equivant product

Welcome to a world where judges and magistrates can actively manage cases from any smart device, both in chambers and on the bench. Where you can focus on the data rather than on navigating the system. Where you can personalize each screen to get the decision support you need at a glance.

This is Judicial Tools. Judicial Tools was designed specifically for judicial staff to eliminate the “white noise” and help you zero in on the information you need to connect the dots and make decisions.

After decades of working with judges and magistrates and listening to what’s most important to you, we’re proud to offer key features to make your life easier:

  • Decision support with visual layouts rather than lists of data to wade through.
  • Personalized setup and views to accommodate different case types (i.e., no more shoe-horning traffic cases into a view designed for felony cases!).
  • Case management capabilities, not just case maintenance or administration.
  • Customizable notifications for updates to the workflow, calendar and attendance, individual documents, major case activities, and parties or participants.
  • Flexible queries to help you find what you’re looking for right now.
  • Fast and efficient …everything.

JT can be seamlessly connected to any leading case management system (CMS), and when it’s connected to an equivant CMS, it has the added benefit of real-time data exchanges. Most judicial tools on the market today have one-way data movement, where data moves from the CMS to the judicial tool. This means that while a judge updates a case file, the clerk has to make identical updates in the CMS, requiring duplicate effort. When Judicial Tools and one of our CMSs work together, the data exchange moves freely in both directions, keeping everyone up-to-date instantly.

The National Center for State Courts has been advocating for “convenient, intuitive, and effective” judicial tools for years.¹ As they aptly point out, you have the same technology needs and capabilities as others in highly skilled roles, and yet many in the justice technology field have yet to recognize those needs. It’s about operational efficiency, and it’s also about getting rid of the noise and helping you focus on what’s important in your role.

Judicial Tools meets all the NCSC’s criteria and more. This is the tool that’s helping judges and magistrates across the country more conveniently manage their cases.

If you’re looking at a case binder right now, if you’ve called a clerk or tech person in the last week (or hour!) to drive your system for you, or if you’re fed up with tools that simply aren’t designed for you, contact us. No matter what CMS your court uses, we can get Judicial Tools in your hands and start making your life easier.

And if you’re already part of the Judicial Tools family but need a refresher on any of the capabilities available to you, we’re here. We’re committed to helping courts operate more efficiently, so give us a call and let us know how we can help.

¹ JTC Resource Bulletin – Making the Case for Judicial Tools