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ICYMI: Your court date is 2mrw!


Automated Reminders   •   An equivant product

A call from the dentist’s office. A text from the hair salon. An oil change notice. For service providers whose livelihoods depend on people showing up, the value of a quick reminder is clear.

For the court system, reminders can be even more powerful. The costs of missed appearances, missed payments, and missing documents is substantial, not only for the courts, but also for the citizens involved. When a missed court date can potentially lead to jail time, the stakes for forgetting an appointment are high.

The Pretrial Justice Institute estimates about 12 million Americans each year are jailed pretrial for offenses including FTA, and pretrial detention costs taxpayers about $14 billion a year.¹

Courts that implement a reminder system are seeing higher appearance rates, more timely payments, improved caseflow, and better relationships with the communities they serve. In Scottsdale, Arizona, for example, text message reminders for court hearings helped reduce FTAs by nearly 52%.²

By assuming positive intent and working with citizens to help them meet their obligations, courts are helping people keep their lives on track while they interact with the court system and are reducing the burden on jails and other justice agencies. Everybody wins.

Court-involved people are regular people who mess up and forget things, like everyone else. When courts communicate better with the people relying on them for justice, it creates public trust.

That’s why our case management systems use text and voice messaging to help you proactively reach out to citizens rather than waiting for someone to miss an obligation. Contact us today. We can help you remove barriers to access in your community and save everyone time and money.

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