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It’s the Little Things


“It’s the best thing since sliced bread” is an expression for a reason. Sometimes, the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. Thanks to technology, our days are filled with quick time-savers that we might not even notice anymore.

But when a process is cumbersome, we notice. When we have to print something out, show up somewhere, make an extra phone call, manually locate a file, or any number of other minor tasks that take more time than they should, we notice.

That’s why it’s essential for your case management system to support the little things in life – the small technology solutions that make the biggest difference to your stakeholders. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • eAccess: You configure an unlimited number of online access portals, even authenticated ones, and your justice partners and the general public can access the case information they need at any time.
  • ePayments: Court-involved people can pay costs/fees on one or more cases in a single, secure transaction, and it’s automatically reconciled in your CMS.
  • eScheduling: Let court participants request hearings and appointments on dates that work for them, and not only is scheduling easier for everyone, but you’ll also see fewer FTAs.
  • JusticeFiling: Filers can upload information, documents, and supporting materials for new or subsequent case filings anytime, and the review and routing on your end is fast and easy.
  • Text messaging (ITR): Automatically remind case participants about upcoming due dates and appointments by sending a text message as case events are scheduled or updated.

Whether you’re trying to reach case participants more effectively, reduce FTAs, keep your whole team connected, or even just avoid fax machines, these little solutions will make a big difference for your team and your community.

What’s the little thing making your life easier right now? For us, it’s everything on the list above … and also sliced bread. If you want to start seeing some big time-savers, think small. Contact us today to talk about what small solutions your CMS can support.