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Adopting Cloud-Based Systems is Easier Than You Think


Moving to cloud-based software doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, many offices are looking for hosted solutions to help streamline their workflows. Case management systems (CMSs) have come a long way, and cloud-based technology has introduced unprecedented accessibility, improved efficiency, and driven cost savings.

At equivant, we combine our deep domain knowledge with regular conversations with judges, court administrators, attorneys, and IT staff to navigate difficult onboarding and data security questions. As a result, we can provide clients who adopt cloud-based systems with a simple and manageable implementation process.

All You Need is a Computer and an Internet Connection

Transitioning to a new system or process requires resources. However, cloud-based systems don’t require much hardware. In fact, all you need to implement a hosted solution is a computer and an internet connection. Because of this, the entire implementation can be done remotely, and your company isn’t faced with significant capital expenditure.

Remote Training is Accessible to Everyone

Training is an essential part of any implementation process. Coordinating a time to get everyone in the same room can be cumbersome and expensive. Fortunately, our training sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom or Webex unless requested otherwise. By logging online from any remote location, clients can access detailed explanations, application demos, and get configuration assistance. As companies hire more remote workers, virtual onboarding allows accessible online training while helping manage cost efficiency and resource allocation.

A Layered Approach Ensures Trust & Data Security

Data security is a priority for most companies, but especially government agencies. Moving information to the cloud doesn’t change that priority. With layered security, data is protected with multiple layers of defense. Each layer of defense provides additional security.

In the cloud environment, traffic is restricted between the public-facing services of the application and the database. This means the most important piece, personal data, is nestled between two security walls. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit with a minimum TLS 1.2 requirement, a standard data security protocol.

Our products are also equipped with application-level user-based restrictions that provide basic security. Beyond that, there are function-level restrictions, case-type restrictions, and in some instances, attribute-level restrictions. Our flagship CMS, JWorks, also provides a customizable interface allowing restricted screen access.

The benefits of cloud-based systems and the ease of implementation make hosted solutions a great option for your justice agency. If you still have questions, let’s have a conversation.

About Patricia Jacoby

Ms. Jacoby has more than 29 years of professional experience in software development. She has managed the business analyst staff, the development staff, and the quality assurance staff for the entire equivant product line.